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Care during Pregnancy
and after Delivery

Prenatal Care

Growing and Carrying a baby can mean a lot of change for your body. Our skilled team in Red Deer, Three Hills, Olds and Rocky Mountain House is trained to care for your prenatal physical needs. The research in treating pubic symphysis pain, hip and low back pain and pelvic health concerns during pregnancy is evolving to recommend regular care throughout your pregnancy. The recommended course of prenatal pelvic health care is: 

22-30 weeks: Initial Prenatal Pelvic Health Assessment: 

We'll start your education about pelvic floor and core anatomy and function, and review the current recommendations on exercise. This visit will also include an initial pelvic floor examination to address any areas of concern leading into a delivery. 

12-40 weeks: Ongoing Prenatal Pelvic Health Treatment: 

For those with pelvic girdle pain, sciatic or low back pain throughout the pregnancy, we offer personalized physiotherapy treatment and home exercises for your concerns.

34-36 weeks: Labor and Delivery Education and Preparation 

This is a big one! Education and tips to support you during your labor and delivery and reduce the risk of pelvic floor injury or perineal tearing. We'll also discuss ways to prepare for early postpartum recovery. 

Postpartum Pelvic Health Care:

Having early and comprehensive rehabilitation following a delivery is imperative. This import step will set you up for a future of excellent pelvic health. We recommend the following: 


10-14 days after delivery: Virtual check-in. 

This is especially important for those who delivered via C-section. We'll cover early healing strategies, movement recommendations and pain management to ensure you are on the path to recovery. 

6 weeks postpartum: Postpartum Pelvic Health Assessment

This visit includes a comprehensive assessment of your hips, low back, pelvic girdle, abdominal wall, core strategies and pelvic floor team. We'll begin exercise prescription and discuss an appropriate routine to activity based on your goals. 

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