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Pelvic Health OT

We are thrilled to introduce a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to treating complex pelvic health conditions. In order to best serve and address your needs, your physiotherapist may advise that your care be shared between a pelvic health physio and pelvic health occupational therapy. Our pelvic health occupational therapist will dive into your goals and support you with strategies and skill-building exercises to move you towards a life of function and quality living. 

At Elle, holistic care is at the core of our approach. Amanda Laramee recognizes that various factors can impact a person's ability to fully engage in their daily life. That's why she goes beyond traditional therapy methods, focusing on the whole person and addressing the physical, emotional, and social aspects of well-being.

Amanda is not only a certified Occupational Therapist but also holds a certification to perform internal pelvic floor examinations. This unique combination of qualifications allows her to provide comprehensive care to her clients. 

Our team will be implementing this collaborative and comprehensive perspective of care for those journeying with: 

  • persistent pelvic pain

  • sexual dysfunction (pain with intimacy, low desire or arousal)

  • post - birth adjustment (pain and difficulty coping)

  • prenatal & postpartum

  • urinary incontinence

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